Prevent urinary tract infections at home.

Due to the quarantine, your diet may be very different, the consumption of soft drinks, sugars or a lot of fats increases, and doing little exercise may cause urinary tract infections in our bodies. Some symptoms of urinary infections are the need to go to the bathroom every time, itching, itching, burning when urinating, cloudy color in the urine and even pain in the lower part.

There are infusions that can prevent bad urine and alleviate urinary infections in men and women, but remember to increase water consumption, consume probiotics and decrease salt intake.

1. Cranberry tea: prevents the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections from developing

Bilberry is a perfect ingredient to control urinary infections. It is common to consume in juice, but a cranberry tea has no added sugars and you can better absorb its nutrients. Cranberries helps prevent bacteria from developing in the urinary tract by be a natural antibacterial.

Urinary tract infections in women is more common in the days before the menstrual period, consuming a blueberry tea will help prevent them from developing and do not have pain when urinating. Cranberry tea is caffeine free.

2. Parsley tea: is a diuretic that eliminates and prevents infections while relieving inflammation and excess gas

Parsley tea is a natural diuretic and anti-inflammatory, although parsley tea is famous for helping you lose weight, parsley tea is very good at preventing urinary tract infections and relieving pain from going to the bathroom. Its function is that helps eliminate and expel bacteria which are already in the urinary tract, helps to cleanse the kidneys and relieve inflammation.

When preparing parsley tea you can add a little lemon to give it flavor, avoid putting sugars with calories.

3. Green Tea: an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory that energizes your body and kills bacteria

A substitute for coffee, it is green tea that will help give you energy for its caffeine levels, it is also an antimicrobial and an anti-inflammatory. This tea can help alleviate some symptoms of urinary infections and help you to go to the bathroom without pain and you will not feel the sensation of going every so often. It is a diuretic so you can kill any bacteria that are present.

For some people it may taste a bit strong, there are green tea options with mint, lemon, ginger so you can enjoy the benefits of green tea.

4. Ursi grape tea: helps prevent vaginal infections from spreading and detoxifies your body

Uva ursi or bearberry leaf tea is a plant that has antibacterial properties; It can even reduce uric acid in the urine. It is a tea to relieve urinary infections, cleanse the kidneys and give it a detox to the body while it deflates and prevents gas formation and stomach pain. By preventing the formation of urinary tract infections it helps prevent vaginal infections from forming.

By quarantine increases the consumption of natural water and even probiotics and prebiotics that help prevent the formation of digestive bacteria and these go to the urinary tract. Consume these teas for hot or cold urinary infections.

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