Have fun quarantined!

You want view all kinds of content to have fun in quarantine? With a smart TV you can access all the content of your favorite applications, such as YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Prime Video and much more. In addition to watching series, movies and videos, you can also listen to music and browse social networks.

Know below 4 models of smart TVs what can you get in Amazon for less than $ 400.

1. TCL 43 “

Amazon Smart TV tcl

Of the brand TCL, this TV has a very modern almost borderless design and has Roku Smart TV installed. Through this product of streaming, you can access all the applications you want. This model has a quality of 4K Ultra HD, and is compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control.

In Amazon, this television has a 10% discount and a price less than $ 300. You can also find it in 50 ”, 55” and 65 ”, and it is highly valued by customers on Amazon. They comment that it is a product with a great price-quality ratio and that it offers a good screen quality.

2. Badge 43 “

Amazon flagship smart TV

This is a brand model Badge which includes Fire TV, the streaming from Amazon. With this product you can access many different applications and easily integrate it into your smart home, since it also has Alexa. Its remote control includes a microphone so you can communicate with Alexa and control the television by voice. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can access all the free content from this model.

This is the guide’s best-selling smart TV, with more than 10,000 reviews on Amazon. It is also available in 50 ”and has a screen quality 4K Ultra HD. Customers mention about this model that it is very easy to use and offers good image quality.

3. LG 50 ”

amazon lg smart TV

The television of LG It is the newest model, since it is manufactured in 2020. It has a 4K Ultra HD quality screen and has AI ThinkQ technology, which integrates an assistant with artificial intelligence. This technology allows you to control your television easily from the LG application and also learns about your consumption habits, to make content recommendations and minimize energy consumption. It has connectivity Wifi and a store where you can download different applications.

Is the newest TV model from the list, and also the most expensive with a price under $ 400 on Amazon. Customers positively value this model, highlighting that it is a television with a great screen and sound quality in relation to its price. Plus, it includes Alexa for easy integration into a smart home.

4. Vizio 40 “

Amazon Vizio Smart TV

Of Vizio, this television offers a resolution of Full HD and Internet connectivity, so you can download your favorite applications. It is a simple and inexpensive model, available in several different sizes.

This is the cheapest TV on the list, less than $ 250 on Amazon. In addition to a 40 ”screen, you can find this smart tv 24 “, 32” and 50 “. Among the comments we can see generally positive evaluations, where customers mention that it is a product with a good price-quality ratio and that its screen quality is quite good.

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