An efficient way to keep anxiety under control

Every day we comply with a routine made up of activities and commitments that allow us to maintain a fairly dynamic lifestyle. But, in order to comply with the quarantineMany of our daily activities have had to be modified or suspended. However, staying so long indoors can be stressful. During these days it is important to know how to keep anxiety under control, and an excellent way is through sensory toys.

1. Ball moldable with texture


A fun design with beads and colorful spikes that feature beads colored water inside. This sphere provides mental and physical stimulation, in addition they are made with totally safe materials for the whole family.

It is perfect for restoring your focus and relieve both stress and anxiety that can cause the feeling of being closed. They also have a soft and fluffy exterior that produces a pleasant sensation on contact with the skin.

2. Toy elastic textured


This is a toy for children and adults that has been designed from elastic cords with texture They help calm stress and anxiety by providing a simple and enjoyable exercise to keep your hands busy.

You can stretch, throw, wrap, squeeze, crush, and put them any way you like. Their design allows them to stretch and adjust to their original shape with ease. A toy designed to promote a feeling of calm, reduce stress and increase your focus ability.

3. Cube anti-stress with accessories


A toy that has been specifically designed for people who cannot keep their fingers still. This product has different components that can be rotated, move and press without applying much effort.

Scientific studies have proven that having the fingers and hands engaged in a stimulating activity helps to release the mind from tension and contributes to improving mood. An excellent tool for improve concentration.

4. Magnetic decoration for desk


An excellent choice to effectively stimulate the brain, improve intelligence, relieve stress and also improve mood. It is a magnetic base with two different types of spheres that can be molded and grouped in different ways.

A perfect piece for decorate any table or countertop in your house with which you can spend fun and relaxing moments building different shapes with your hands.

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