Relieves muscle and back pain.

For the moments when you sleep in an uncomfortable position, you are sitting for a long time, you suffer a fall or even due to age, some muscle aches can occur. There are ointments that help relieve back pain and any muscle pain, these pain relievers ointments contain natural ingredients to relieve pain and inflammation. They can be used in older people and children. It is ideal to always have them at home.

1. MaxRelief: arnica ointment one of the most powerful natural pain relievers

Arnica is one of the ideal ingredients to relieve bumps, strains, back pain and to be able to eliminate inflammation this is for an ingredient called helenalin. It can be placed on any part of the body where you have pain, always do it on clean skin and with a light massage. This pain ointment, in addition to arnica, contains eucalyptus, emu oil and rosemary.

One of the benefits of arnica is that helps prevent infections, it is also an antimicrobial. To relieve back pain, we recommend that you apply it twice a day for about 3 days.

2. Dr. Bronner’s: relaxes, deflates and improves circulation made with camphor and arnica

This ointment for back pain, has arnica, menthol and camphor that will be able to deflate, cool the area to relax it, improve circulation. Apply a small amount of this ointment to your back and massage. One of the benefits besides relieving muscle aches and irritations is that it can help hydrate the skin faster, it hydrates the cuticles, it can even heal the skin of having had a tattoo.

It has a menthol aroma this will help if you have the flu or cough, you can apply to the chest and to be able to feel relief and decongest the nose. It is an ointment that has many uses.

3. Badger: made with essential oils to deflate and relieve pain

This ointment contains essential oils for back pain, some are rosemary, olive, and even pepper, ginger, and cayenne. These ingredients serve to relieve pain, deflate and relax your back, They also help soften and hydrate the skin. It can be applied if you suffered an injury due to sports, making a bad movement or falling and it is totally safe to use in children.

When you have back pain, stretch to the area can relax and have a faster recovery. Keep this balm away from sunlight.

4. Rosita: with hemp oil that relieves redness, irritations and pain

This ointment is made with hemp oil. Hemp oil It comes from cannabis, but it is totally safe. This hemp oil in ointment works to alleviate reducing joint and bone pain, ideal for you to apply it to your entire back or wherever you have pain. One of the benefits of this back pain ointment is that it improves hydration of the skin and can relieve irritation and redness.

You need little product to relieve pain anywhere in the body. This analgesic ointment can be placed on the head to relieve pain or on the neck if you twisted while sleeping.

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