Paint the hair at home to cover the roots.

During this quarantine, you may already notice the growth of your hair, you can see some reeds or you even want to change your look. There are dyes that are not as abrasive to hair, we are looking for hair dye options that are free of ammonia and ingredients that can be very abrasive. Remember that after coloring your hair, apply nutrient-rich masks to seal the cuticle and protect from dry hair. It is important that you have moisturizers to prevent loss of elasticity and the appearance of split ends.

1. Revlon: vegan dye free of ammonia, silicones and sulfates that covers gray hair

If you are looking for an option to cover gray hair without damaging your hair so much, this ammonia-free dye is very soft but offers full coverage. Promises hup to 6 weeks of intense color and without fading. Some of its main ingredients are cannabis seed oil.

There is 16 different shades, but due to demand some may be out of stock or in stock in the next few weeks. An option to take care of the hair for forty.

2. Naturcolor: botanical pigments that can cover gray hair

Another option of ammonia-free dye and a dye that does not harm the hair is this option, that the pigments come from botanicals, that is, from plant extracts. It is a very easy to use dye has 31 shades. For the gentlemen they can paint their beard and mustache, in addition to does not cause irritation to the most sensitive scalps. It is an option to color your virgin hair without mistreating or drying it.

If you have highlights or some strands of another color, this dye with botanical extracts will give you a soft pigment; so it will not cover that hair color in its entirety.

3. Surya Brazil: henna dye to change your hair without damaging it

The dyes that do not damage the hair are also henna. Henna dyes is a pigment of a plant, there are different from finding henna the dye, shampoo or dye but for you to prepare it yourself. You can apply this dye even if you have already dyed your hair, in addition you no longer need extra preparation isIt is made of ingredients such as aloe vera, almond, arnica, acai and oils.

If you have few gray hairs, you can cover them. But if you already have enough, the coverage may not be total. If you have never dyed your hair it is an option to dye it without damaging your hair.

4. Schwarzkopf: helps your hair not dry out due to its natural ingredients

This dye that does not damage the hair and that can cover gray hair, is free of ammonia and alcohol, which are two ingredients that can dryness and remove natural keratin from the hair. This ammonia-free dye contains oat milk, soy protein and mainly argan oils. It is a dye that does not irritate the scalp and that can give you full coverage.

If you have hair below your shoulders you may need 2 boxes of dye. There are only 6 shadesDue to its high demand, the stock may vary every day.

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