Special and safe formulas to clean and care for your skin

The skin It is one of the most important parts of our body, in addition to covering and protecting the organs from environmental and external factors, it is a direct reflection of our hygiene habits and love for ourselves. Being so exposed to environmental conditions, it is a space where a number of bacteria can be housed. A good way to keep it clean and healthy is by using products with neutral pH, and then we show you a list of the most effective.

1. Gel bathroom


This is a bath gel that has been specially formulated for sensitive skin since you are made with hypoallergenic ingredients. Its active cleansers leave your skin 100% smoother, without the use of sulfates.

While cleansing and removing bacteria from your skin, the proprietary formula takes care of minimize dryness thanks to the natural properties and nutrients of its ingredients. It is an option recommended by dermatologists.

2. Shampoo neutral


An ideal product for the care of sensitive skin, its formula has a de pH 5.5 It is totally neutral and corresponds to the natural value of healthy skin. The product is really rich in provitamin B5.

The shampoo cleans and nourishes the hair, in addition to keeping the skin of the scalp much healthier and free of fungi. It has been specially developed for a daily wash that does not negatively affect the hair.

3. Bar soap for intensive cleaning


A bar of soap formulated without detergents aggressive that can irritate the skin or cause skin changes. It is ideal for cleaning the entire body and leaving the skin smoother, brighter and free of bacteria.

An option that cleanses your skin without causing irritation. It is a concentrated formula that hydrates and leaves the skin free of bacteria, while strengthening its moisture barrier natural.

4. Water Thermal

A product clinically proven It is efficient in soothing and softening the skin, while helping to minimize skin sensitivity and provide additional protection against oxidizing agents.

You just need spray it gently on your skin and leave it to act for approximately two or three minutes. It is designed to be absorbed instantly and leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness on the area where it is applied.

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