To attend to any respiratory emergency of your children

The nebulizers They are devices that spread liquid medicines into small particles so that they can more easily enter the airways. They are used to treat diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, dry cough, bronchiolitis or bronchitis and are also efficient in lowering inflammation in the airways in children. If you want to protect your children from viruses and bacteria that are in the air, we invite you to watch all 4 nebulizers for children that we recommend below.

1. Fogging system portable

A nebulization system that has a small compressor that is easy to transport. The device produces a light mist suitable for treating patients with normal breathing problems. The kit includes a piston and mask.

A perfect device for the home that will allow you to carry out the respective treatment to relieve the airways whenever you need.

2. Vaporizer for children

A nebulizer designed to deliver medications in the fastest way in treatments that do not exceed 9 minutes. It has a design in cow shape that the children will find it very funny. The flexible mask will adapt very well to the face.

A device that allows safe and effective treatment without the need to resort to a professional in health. Its controls allow you to easily adjust the steam level.

3. Kit full infant nebulization

It is a nebulization system designed for children that has a compressor that produces a cold fog suitable for administering medications into the airways. It also brings a small mask, filters, air tube, mouthpiece, and reservoir cup.

A practical and very easy to use device that will serve to cure any type of respiratory condition and common allergies.

4. Humidifier cold fog ultrasonic

This humidifier has been built with a technology that releases ions to trap dirt, germs and bacteria particles found in the air. It has a system that allows it to work up to 24 continuous hours to sterilize large spaces.

Suitable to create more atmosphere clean and safe so that your children can enjoy many hours of fun. Its advanced system allows you to kill all the microorganisms dispersed in the air in a matter of minutes.

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