Protect your hands from microorganisms

Our hands They are our main tools or instruments to carry out the manual tasks that we need to do every day, for this reason the skin that covers them requires very special care. The best way to keep our hands protected from contaminating agents, viruses and bacteria is to use one of the latex gloves that we show below.

1. Elastic adjustment gloves perfect

Nitrile is a material that has a better elasticity than vinyl, it is also more puncture resistant than latex and produces better abrasion than chloroprene. These industrial grade gloves are truly safe for food handling.

The thickness of the palm is slightly less than that of the fingers to provide extra protection to the most delicate area of ​​the hand. The gloves have a standard length and they have a beaded cuff that provides a more precise fit to the wrist.

2. Accessories medical grade

These are medical-grade latex-free gloves that are designed with an elastic material that combines superior comfort, grip strength, touch sensitivity and the perfect protection so you can work comfortably.

They have a non-slip texture and are designed to create a seal that keeps your hands free of dust and debris. They are very strong, as they have three times more resistance to most strong chemicals.

3. Smooth textured design better grip

They are gloves textured finish which provide a better grip, even on wet surfaces. They are suitable for a wide variety of applications, as their material makes them very strong, as well as light and flexible.

You can use them to perform simple cleaning tasks, jobs that require the use of tools or manipulate chemical productsThis is because its design creates a protective shield that keeps the skin of your hands intact.

4. Gloves industrial nitrile


A pair of industrial quality gloves that are designed to withstand the most extreme working conditions. They have an embossed diamond texture that guarantees a strong grip, whether the gloves are wet or dry.

An accessory to protect your hands that gives you excellent dexterity, fit, feel and comfort. Ideal for you to make a great variety of projects like preparing food or handling strong chemicals.

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