Control your appetite with natural ingredients.

During this quarantine, overeating can happen, this is because stress, boredom and anxiety take over our brain. It is important to eat healthy to take care of our immune system. There are natural ingredients that can control your appetite and make you feel fuller longer, which serve as a great help right now.

Some recommendations are that you eat slowly and always sitting at a table, do not do it in bed or on the sofa. Similarly, choose to eat slowly, take your time. In this quarantine he tries to stay calm and stay home until the relevant authorities announce otherwise.

1. Garcinia Cambogia: Helps carbohydrates convert to energy and helps you cheer up

Garcinia cambogia is a fruitIts main function is that it can help suppress appetite. This does not mean that you do not starve but that you can control hunger and prevent you from having those binge moments. The garcinia cambogia contains an acid hydroxycitric that is responsible for converting excess carbohydrates into energy.

It even improves serotonin levels to have a better mood. This is a presentation with 180 capsules. Although the brand recommends consuming 3 capsules daily. Start with a capsule to see how your body reacts.

2. Apple vinager: purifies the body and controls hunger

Apple cider vinegar in addition to regulating the pH in our body and purify what our body does not need, It is excellent for controlling appetite. There are different ways for you to consume it, you can drink it on an empty stomach always combining with a little water or either before eating. Apple cider vinegar controls appetite because it is digestive that activates metabolism.

It is important that you do not abuse the consumption of apple cider vinegar and when consuming it in a necessary way with water, drinking it without water can be abrasive. Always combine it with water and even a few drops of lemon.

3.Ground flaxseed: regulates hunger and helps take care of your heart

A natural ingredient is flaxseeds that help you feel satisfied for several hours. Flaxseed contains fatty acids that serve to care for your heart, so you can take care of your health and avoid overeating. This is an option to consume in capsules. What it does is it leaves you full for several hours, it acts as a food regulator.

If you already have at home ground flaxseedAdd two or three tablespoons to a smoothie or smoothie in the morning so you don’t overeat during the day.

4. Green tea extract: helps you not to be so hungry naturally

It is normal that passing breakfast begins with cravings or boredom and begins to overeat. Green tea extract can help you less hungry what it does is that it has active compounds that help decrease hunger and they can promote weight loss. Norepinephrine and dopamine are two elements that our body activates to eat and green tea extract breaks them down naturally to avoid such binging.

You can consume this extract with a little water and take after breakfast. Contains caffeine as it is green tea.

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