A detail that is loaded with your best wishes

We are all exposed to adverse situations or difficulties that may come between us and the objectives that we have set ourselves. It never hurts give him to a loved one some amulet to wish them the best of luck and to serve to renew their energies, so here are four that will be of great help in the most difficult moments.

1. Tree of wealth and prosperity

A cute tree adorned with gems to attract prosperity. This piece is handmade with natural purple stones that are joined by a strong copper wire.

It is a nice piece that you can give to someone very special in your life so that good luck and prosperity never leave him. This lucky tree brings the strength and clarity that people require to carry out their life projects.

2. Pendant silver clover and horseshoe

A pendant that will surely delight whoever receives it as it is a minimalist accessory that easily adapts to any piece of jewelry. Is made of sterling silver Solid with an antique finish and has a size that allows it to be easily adapted to any necklace or bracelet.

A i said irish of good luck with a design made up of three powerful symbols of good fortune such as the horseshoe, clover and the lucky bone that represent the strength, perseverance, cunning and other virtues of people.

3. Bracelet red fortune

Bracelets are always a great gift option and if they come loaded with good vibes, it is much better. This gem is handmade and it comes with an evil eye charm, plus a sterling silver charm with good luck inscriptions.

This beautiful bracelet is red with a standard size that serves to easily adapt to the shape of the hand without hurting or producing allergies on the skin. If that person you love so much is on a birthday or you just want to surprise, this bracelet will be a gift that will fill their days with good luck And it will give you the protection you need to meet your goals.

4. Elephant pendant for protection

A pendant that attracts luck and protects all people who are in the space where it is located. It is designed as a figure by the hand of the Mother fatima And the complete piece is made with high quality metal and glass.

According to tradition, Mother Fatima provides the patience and loyalty that help attract all positive energies. While the stone of the evil eye that adorns it is used to expel negative energy and envy of people.

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