Fragrances to make your home a more welcoming place

your House It is the refuge where you can protect yourself from the anxiety and stress of the daily routine, so it is always good to have the conditions that allow creating an environment of peace. A good way to achieve this is through pleasant smells which transmit a feeling of cleanliness and tranquility. So in this post we present you four options of flavorings that will fill your home with exquisite fragrances.

1. Spray flavoring

A flavoring spray that has an essential oil formula with refreshing features which are essential to combat strong odors. Its fragrance has the ability to stay in the air for up to seven continuous hours.

It is an ideal solution for you to make your home an environment nice and relaxing for you and all who inhabit it. It is a product that works as a complement to general household cleaning.

2. Fragrance of lavender and peach

It is a spray flavoring that has a pleasant combination of lavender and peach that allow you to create a much more comfortable environment with these clean fragrances and fresh that bring back memories of the summer days.

It has a modern design that allows you to choose the intensity and frequency with which it will begin to distribute its fragrance in the space where you place it. A device that is the dream of those who want a scented home and full of energy.

3. Flavoring automatic function

It is an automatic flavoring that works with two AA batteries and a button that allows easy configuration. Its design includes a support and a saving charge that can flavor the home for up to 60 days.

It has three settings that allow you to choose the time period to spread The fragance inside the space where you place it. Without a doubt, it is an infallible option for your home to smell incredible at all times.

4. Candles flavorings 2 in 1

It is a package with two scented candles that are impregnated with tropical essences and sweet such as vanilla and passion fruit. Each candle has the amount of fragrances to flavor your home for up to 28 hours.

It is an option capable of eliminating certain undesirable odors such as those that emanate from foods such as fish, humidity or pets. At the same time, they have properties therapeutic that help you relax.

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