Tools to reach your ideal weight without leaving home

The exercise machines They are generally portable and foldable tools that allow an option to maintain a more active and healthy lifestyle without the need to leave home. To lose weight It is important to have an exercise routine that allows us to eliminate excess fat and tone muscles, for this reason today we present you with some options that will help you obtain that slim figure that you long for.

1. Exercise bike with adjustable resistance

A machine that has a staggered design with a coated steel tube that prevents dust particles from accumulating. It has eight resistance levels, a magnetic mechanism and tension knobs for better control and balance when exercising.

It is a high quality machine with a padded seat which gives you a lot of comfort and stability when exercising. It is a tool that allows you to tone your legs and perform an ideal exercise so that you maintain good cardiovascular health.

2. Static machine 2 in 1

It is a slim, ergonomic cycle machine with magnetic resistance It is equipped with eight resistance levels that will help strengthen all your muscles. This exercise bike has a functional design that allows intense training with which you can burn more calories.

With this home design tool you can turn any space in your home into a private gym. A machine that allows you to design an ideal exercise routine to show off a more defined figure and toned muscles.

3. Home coach with ergonomic seat

He is a blue-colored private trainer who has a inclined seat, ergonomic and with five easy to adjust positions. The device has three levels of tension that allow you to carry out a more personalized training adapted to your needs.

This machine in totally lightweight and portableThis makes it really comfortable to store and use it in any space of your house or apartment. Its installation takes no more than a few minutes and allows you to experience a gym exercise without leaving your home.

4. Bicycle elliptical with 20 levels

It is an elliptical bike with 22 training programs and 20 levels resistance as well as six tilt positions that are easy to adjust. It is a high quality product that has a DualTrack LCD screen that shows all the data that you must take into account during your training.

This machine is also equipped with a device tray and station USB charging and an adjustable fan that lets you stay cool while you train. It is an ideal option for you to do resistance exercises from the home community.

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