An ideal practice for days at home

The yoga It has been one of the practices that has currently achieved greater popularity. It is not only a method to improve elasticity and physical condition, but it is also an activity that offers innumerable benefits for general health. Something very practical about yoga is that you don’t need expensive accessories to practice it, that’s why today we present you some essential products You can start a routine at home and improve your overall health.

1. Cushion to meditate


It is a meditation cushion filled completely with buckwheat. The cover is removable and is made of an ultra soft velvet fabric that at the same time gives it a lot of resistance and durability.

Its design is inspired by the traditional cushion Japanese Zen meditation and is decorated with a mandala pattern inspired by the lotus flower. An accessory that gives you enough support so you can rest your spine and feel comfortable while doing your routines.

2. Block for exercises


A fluffy cushion in a design with edges and corners Rounded for greater comfort and grip. It is used to help extend your reach and build muscle strength.

The piece is also extremely useful for buffer investments, thus giving you the guarantee of better stability during your yoga exercises. You can place it under your hands, feet, or spine to ensure proper alignment.

3. belt elastic


It has a last generation design which consists of two straps, one made with a non-elastic material and the other elastic part. Both belts can be easily adapted to the style of exercise you practice and help improve the flexibility of your muscles.

It is made to stretch all your muscles and body tendons in safe way. It is a professional quality equipment that will allow you to be much more flexible when exercising and will help you prevent the risk of pain and injury during exercises.

4. Mat reversible


It is a mat that provides better support, grip and cushioning throughout the routine. It is a PVC and latex free piece, this makes it an ideal choice for yoga practitioners of all levels.

Also, this mat is friendly to the environment since it was made with 100% recyclable materials. This mat can be easily folded after your exercises and stored in any space.

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