The best in next-generation security devices

Protecting our home is an effective way to ensure the safety of each member of our family. Today there are electronic locks They are essential tools to build a security system that allows the entry of any intruder to be restricted. If you are looking for an electronic lock for you home, pay attention to the ones shown below.

1. Lock automatic with bronze cylinder

It is a lock with an advanced security system of smart lock which automatically activates after 30 seconds. Its keyboard allows you to make a variety of settings so you can change the password whenever you need.

Its elegant finish complements the rest of the decoration of your home. In addition, it has an advanced rupture system that prevents invaders from force your entry to your house.

2. Knob with illuminated keyboard

It is a lock design compatible with any type of interior doors. It is equipped with a keyboard that glows in the dark and has an automatic lock function. Its coding system allows you to create up to 6 access codes for different users.

A high-tech piece that allows you to create custom access codes to unlock the door and access your home. The system can be quickly configured and update keys in seconds.

3. Digital padlock easy installation

The most relevant feature of this lock is that it allows the possibility of personalize the access code that allows each family member to unlock the door and enter the home without using keys.

It is a maximum security lock with which you can keep your home protected The 24 hours of the day. Its design allows it to perfectly combine with the rest of your home decoration and is available at a price that fits any budget.

4. Lock stainless high quality

It is a lock built with stainless and resistant materials. Design includes a backlit keyboard that allows you to set a code from four to eight digits to allow access to your home. Automatically locks in seconds.

It is one of the easiest models to install and program. This device also gives you the possibility to establish a temporary access code in the event that a neighbor or family member offers to take care of your home while you are away.

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