A tool to completely sterilize all the furniture in your house

Our home It is an intimate and cozy space where we can share very special moments with our family and loved ones. One of the fundamental steps to make it a pleasant and safe environment is performing deep cleaning rituals. The surface of our furniture can become a virus breeding ground if neglected for a long time, so today we present you some vacuum cleaners specially designed for deep cleaning of furniture.

1. Vacuum cleaner hand with accessories


A device that has been designed with a flexible hose fixing that includes all accessories to perform a deep cleaning of any type of furniture, surfaces and small spaces.

Its high suction technology allows you deep clean The entire surface of your furniture leaving them completely free of dust, dirt, pet hair and any residue accumulated there.

2. Sanitizer mattress and furniture


A portable and rechargeable vacuum that is sized to make it ideal for clean mattresses, stairs, sofas, car seats and more. It is equipped with sensors that are responsible for displaying the level of dust.

The sensors on the vacuum cleaner head are able to detect the cleaning surface and they make it turn off automatically once the area is completely sterilized. It is light and very comfortable so cleaning your furniture is an easy task.

3. Tool to clean furniture


It is a light vacuum cleaner for furniture and mattresses whose dimensions make it very easy to use, move and store. It is equipped with an extra long cable, making it easy to access any area.

It includes dust sensors and a system of indicator lights that show you the amount of dirt accumulated in the area. All surfaces in your home will be impeccable, free of any dirt after a quick pass with this vacuum cleaner.

4. Hand vacuum cleaner wireless


A tool equipped with a battery lithium ion guaranteeing you long life and truly exceptional performance. It also features smart charging technology that allows you to work efficiently with just 50% of your charge.

The cyclonic action This vacuum cleaner helps keep the filter clean and completely isolated from dirt. Its translucent design allows you to see the contents of its interior and remove all dirt easily and hygienically.

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