Garments designed to show off slender arms

As we begin to lose weight, much of our skin becomes a little saggy due to the loss of muscle mass that involves a healthier diet. The most affected areas are the legs, abdomen and arms. Fortunately, there are many ways to tackle this problem, such as girdles compressors, and here are some designs that will help shape and tone the skin around your arms.

1. Corset high compression

A compression and shaping girdle that has been designed with soft fabrics that absorb moisture and are very elastic and flexible. Its design allows a soft compression of the skin on the arms thanks to its long sleeve.

A garment designed to control the arms, abdomen and waist at the same time without causing any type of discomfort or hurting the skin. It comes in black color and has 4 front hooks that allow you a much firmer and more secure fit.

2. Pledge to improve the posture

This arm sash is made of a totally seam-free material and features a zipper closure. 3 hooks on the front for a fit that adapts to the shape of the body. It is available in the colors black and beige.

This arm shaping garment provides strong compression across the upper back that allows you to soften and hide your back rolls or any other type of excess skin that looks unappealing.

3. Recovery sleeves post surgery

An ergonomic and comfortable girdle that is made of nylon and spandex, two fabrics that make it very soft on contact with the skin. It has a three-mesh system that allows strong compression that smooths the entire upper body.

With this girdle you will correct your posture because its design is very beneficial for the spine. Its high-quality materials prevent it from rolling up, wearing down or losing qualities after being subjected to a washing cycle.

4. Type girdle top

A nice girdle that helps you compress the entire area that corresponds to the arms. It is an elastic, light garment of good resistance and breathable that will be very comfortable to use every day.

Its design makes it totally invisible under any outfit. its padded support It will provide an additional reinforcement to your back that will make you feel comfortable and maintain the most favorable posture for your spine.

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