An ideal mat for your meditation sessions

The meditation It is an activity that gives us the opportunity to achieve a balance between body, soul and spirit. During this time, it is important to stay in a very harmonious environment to be fully focused and feel full of peace. It is also convenient to be comfortable while meditating, so here are 4 rugs ideal for lighting.

1. Design made with organic cotton

This is a mat made with organic cotton together with a soft upholstery that offers a bulky surface where you can feel comfortable. Its dimensions are very wide, so you can keep the position that is most comfortable for you.

You can use it for those long meditation sessions that will help you rest your mind and body as you connect to the energy of the world. An essential piece to create an environment to focus more on yourself.

2. Set of cushion and mat extra padded

A game made with plant and natural materials that are soft to the touch. This kit includes a pad with a traditional Thai design and an extra padded mat.

It will give you the support you need during your meditation process. The ribbed shape prevents your feet from moving, thus providing a surface that, in addition to being comfortable, gives you a better stability.

3. Mat traditional big size

A traditional Tibetan mat made by hand from cotton and covered with very soft fabrics that are moisture resistant. Its measurements are 17 ″ x16 ″ x1.5 ”, this size makes it suitable for you to always feel comfortable regardless of the position you take to meditate.

It is a perfect piece to accompany you in each meditation session and guarantee a adequate support to your spine. It is a light and easy to fold piece to make any room your personal meditation space.

4. Games cushions for meditation

It is a set of cushions consisting of a rectangular base and a square mat. Each of the pieces have been made with coconut fibers, which is a breathable, padded material that offers a full support to the whole body.

They are perfect for doing intense meditation sessions for hours, as the mat has a slight incline that helps to naturally align the spine and hips, while simultaneously reduces tension in the muscles and joints.

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