A piece that will fill any space with peace

The buddha figurines they are symbols of inspiration that transmit calm, serenity and a lot of positive energy. They are quality pieces that allow you to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony positive where you can spend some time looking around and focus more on yourself. Thought this, today we share 4 Buddha statuettes that you can place in any space of your house.

1. Polyresin statue of rustic style

A meditating buddha statue that is built in polyresin and features a dark gray finish that adds a lot of texture. Its size makes it perfect to place it in any interior or exterior space of your home.

Glossy finish gives the appearance of rustic stone that makes it a central piece in the decoration of the space. A very detailed piece with which you can meditate and create a calm space where you can clear your mind.

2. Buddha Thai ivory

A statue of Thai Buddha meditating deeply that he is sitting on a lotus flower. It is made of resin and has a rusty and frosted finish full of details that makes it a very beautiful artwork.

A statuette that motivates you to seek spiritual enlightenment and personal. His presence within your home will create a harmonious environment of contemplation and reflection.

3. Dhyana mudra meditating

A meditating Thai Buddha which is made of high quality lightweight materials and features bronze finishes that give it a more classic look. Measuring just 7.9 inches tall, this allows it to easily fit into any space.

The gesture that this Buddha makes with his hands is a representation of wisdom. A statuette full of mysticism that will bring you calm and stimulate the flow of positive energy.

4. Figurine minimalist buddha

A statuette that has a minimalist design suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. The Buddha has been carved into his meditation posture sitting on a lotus throne that inspires peace and serenity.

It will be a decorative piece that will complement any room in your home. A sculpture made with the utmost attention to detail that creates a positive aura throughout the environment.

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