A mineral that is important to the body.

Zinc is a mineral that is vital for the functioning of the body, this is a mineral that our body does not produce, but we acquire it through vegetables, fish, cereals and some legumes and of course in supplements. ¿What is zinc for? Zinc is essential to protect the immune system, helps protein synthesis, helps care for your skin by eliminating scars and blemishes, prevents inflammation, it is even a mineral that helps us develop our sense of taste and smell.

1. Zinc is paramount to the function of the male sex organs

Although zinc is very important for men and women, zinc is characterized by helping to produce the sex hormones that are testosterone and prolactin. Good zinc intake helps you have better sexual performance. Consuming zinc helps prevent acne, skin structure, and may even improve hair structure.

The recommended dose it must be less than 45 mg, and it is recommended to take before eating. This is a presentation with 60 zinc capsules.

2. Increases collagen production and protects the immune system

Zinc protects the body from oxidative stress and this not only affects the skin but your organs, protecting the body from oxidative stress can take care of the immune system. Zinc is a mineral that works in conjunction with vitamin C. And, this helps improve the production of collagen in your body. Another benefit of zinc is that it is able to decrease inflammation.

By improving the production of collagen in the skin, you can improve the appearance of the skin, eliminate scars, also accelerates the healing process and reduces expression lines.

3. It can improve hair growth and prevent hair loss

Zinc helps control blood sugar levels, can improve memory and protein synthesis. Zinc is a mineral that can help hair growth this is because helps care for hair tissue, improve hair structure and with this it is able to reduce hair loss. Having a zinc deficiency, you may lose your hair a lot.

It is important that don’t exceed your zinc dose, the recommended dose is less than 45 mg. Zinc can also be found in serums, creams and lotions for skin care.

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