Since ColorOS 6 has been released, the smartphone or HP OPPO comes with two interface options consisting of Standard and Drawer Mode.

On Standard Mode, applications that have been installed will be present directly on the homescreen and do not have a Drawer or sorted list at all. ColorOS display mechanism on this one is almost similar to other Chinese smartphone interface systems such as EMUI, MIUI, FunTouch OS, and others.

While on Drawer Mode, the installed application is in the Drawer menu so that the application icons that are present on the homescreen are just a shortcut like the interface mechanism of a pure Android system.

The difference in mechanism is what makes the way to uninstall or uninstall applications in the two display modes of this interface not the same. For that, you who are curious about how to delete applications on HP OPPO can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Remove Applications on HP OPPO in Standard Mode

  1. First, you can go to the homescreen on OPPO HP
  2. Then you can choose and hold application icon which will be deleted
  3. Then the pop-up menu App Info and Uninstall will appear right above icon
  4. After you choose the menu Uninstall a dialog box will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete the application
  5. If you are sure to delete the application, you can immediately press the button Uninstall
  6. Finally, the application will be permanently deleted

Remove the OPPO application in standard mode

On Standard Mode, You can only uninstall applications one by one through the homescreen menu. In addition, HP OPPO also allows you to delete applications through the App Management menu in the Settings application.

Drawer Mode

  1. First, open the menu Drawer by sliding the screen from the bottom up
  2. Choose and hold icon application to be deleted
  3. Then the pop-up menu that contains Select, App Info, and Uninstall
  4. If you want to delete an application, then you can choose directly Uninstall
  5. You will be presented with a dialog box asking if the application will be removed
  6. After you are sure the application will be removed, then press the button Uninstall
  7. If you want to delete more than one application at a time, then you can select the menu Select
  8. Next, you can choose two or more applications to delete
  9. After all applications are selected, you will be able to immediately press the button Uninstall
  10. Then, a dialog box for removing the application will appear and you can simply press the button Uninstall
  11. Automatically, some of the selected applications will be permanently deleted

OPPO Uninstall Multiple Apps

You could say the removal of the application on Drawer Mode more practical because it offers the Select menu which allows removal of many applications at once. For the record, the Standard and Drawer Mode interface is only available on HP OPPO with ColorOS 6 to the top.

In addition, you can also uninstall the application by using the Google Play Store. But if you want to delete the application on HP OPPO with ColorOS 5 to the bottom, then you can follow the tutorial as follows.

For ColorOS 5 and before

  1. First, you can go to the homescreen on OPPO HP
  2. Furthermore, you can select and hold the application icon to be deleted
  3. Later, all applications will appear a cross at the top left of the icon
  4. You can press the cross mark on the application to be deleted
  5. Next, the application removal dialog box will appear
  6. You can press the button directly Uninstall and the application will automatically be permanently deleted

Those are some ways to delete applications on HP OPPO that can be done easily. If you have other tutorials for uninstalling applications, you can write them in the comments column below.