Relieve the symptoms of allergies with a tea.

An allergic rhinitis or a seasonal allergy happens by some external agent, in some seasons it is pollen, some trees or herbs that occur in certain months, mold or pet hair. There are several factors that can trigger your allergy, there are teas for nasal allergies that help control itching, runny nose and can prevent you from having watery eyes.

Some recommendations to wash the bedding with hot water, avoid having a carpet, if possible a dehumidifier to reduce excess moisture in your home and clean surfaces very well. Eat foods rich in quercetin and vitamin C to protect yourself from a strong allergy in the coming months.

1. Green Tea: eliminates runny nose and helps itchy nose

Green tea contains antiallergic and antihistamine agents this is thanks to its natural composition. Green tea is capable of blocking histamine, which is what develops allergies. Having these components can help control a runny nose and prevent your nose from itching.

This tea for allergies contains caffeine, so choose to consume it before 2 in the afternoon. Another alternative is combine green tea with a smoothie or in a smoothie.

2.Ginger tea: Helps decongest, calm sneezing and unclog airways

Ginger is an excellent ingredient to calm seasonal allergies, this is because it contains an ingredient called gingerol. Gingerol is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and can control itchy nose, calm the sneeze and decongests.

Ideally, it is tea for allergies don’t add any sweetener. Gingerol is that strong flavor and itch that you feel when you consume it and that is what helps alleviate allergies.

3. Mallow tea: relieves itchy eyes, stops mucus by being an anti-inflammatory

Allergic rhinitis can occur at any time of the year and even more so if you have low defenses. Hollyhock tea is an anti-inflammatory and healing aid that helps reduce mucus congestion, relieve itchy eyes, and inflammation, You can also slow down the mucus little by little.

You can also take this tea for allergies in case you have a allergic reaction to any plant, product or insect.

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