A serum for sensitive or rosacea skin.

Marula oil comes from a tree with the same name and is a strong component, but suitable for use on sensitive skin or rosacea. It is a powerful antioxidant and contains ingredients such as flavonoids, catechins, procyanidin that is responsible for improving the structure of the skin, prevents wrinkles, helps calm the skin and gives it natural shine. Ideal to use at night or in the morning. It is a very versatile ingredient, since it can be used on the body and hair, in fact you will find even shampoo with marula oil.

1. Shea Terra: soothes irritations on the face and all skin

If you have rosacea, you may notice that there are days when the skin is redder and more sensitive than other days. Marula oil helps soothe irritations and hydrate the skin. Some of the properties of marula oil is that it contains palmitic, oleic and stearic acids that are emollients for to be able to hydrate and calm redness.

You can marula oil apply at night or in the morning. Put 2 drops to cover the face and neck, it can even be applied only to the affected area.

2. The Ordinary: prevents wrinkles and cares the skin from free radicals

Stress, pollution, the sun and even changes in climate can damage the skin as it is more susceptible in this type of skin. Marula oil is an anti-aging serum that can prevent wrinkles and help reduce them. It is an ideal antioxidant ingredient for very sensitive skin that has rosacea. It is an oil that can even help remove scars.

The Ordinary marula oil is antimicrobial so it helps prevent infections on the face and prevents acne breakouts. Apply this anti-aging serum after washing your face.

3. InstaNatural: reduces redness, nourishes and hydrates the skin

For the days when you have itching, irritation or even inflammation on your skin with rosacea this is an emollient oil that is responsible for nourishing for deflate and soothe the skin, you can reduce redness. It is important that if you have rosacea do not use very abrasive ingredients and when you try a new product you gradually incorporate it.

Marula oil can be used on hair to take care of heat products, it can prevent breakage and improve elasticity.

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