A natural ingredient to remove stains.

Moringa oil is from a plant that is able to deflate, gradually remove stains on the skin and prevent wrinkles. Moringa oil for skin is recommended for normal, dry or combination to dry skin. Moringa oil can be used in a night and day routine, when combined with other active ingredients it does not make a reaction, making it very safe.

1. Inn & Co: with vitamins A, C and E that prevents infections and hydrates

Moringa oil is an emollient that is easily absorbed into the skin. It can even be applied to skin with rosacea and very dry skin. Moringa oil can help maintain moisture in the skin for prevent it from drying out and with this the skin produces wrinkles more easily, it can also take care of free radicals.

Moringa oil has vitamins C, A and E, ideal to deflate and prevent infections in the face. It will leave a smooth skin, you can apply it after your moisturizing cream.

2. Beauty by Earth: diminishes wrinkles and hyperpigmentation spots

If you have very dry and dull skin, this is an oil that contains argan oil, calendula extract and moringa oil, it helps to hydrate much more, helps give it a natural shine and take care of the dryness and oxidative stress of the skin. It can also prevent wrinkles and can reduce them, it can prevent moisture retention.

Dark spots on the skin can fade with continued use, since vitamin C is capable of reducing spots. Just apply 2 drops to cover the entire face.

3.SVA Organics: reduces inflammation and evens out skin tone

Moringa oil can fade scars, reduce inflammation, and can give you an even skin tone; this is thanks to its fatty acids. Can be used as a anti-aging serum, but only for very dry skin, normal or with rosacea because in oily skin it can be very heavy and cover some pores.

If you want to prevent a lack of elasticity, moringa oil will be a great ally. Keep moringa oil away from sunlight and moisture to take care of its effectiveness. It can be used on the hands, legs, arms or where you have small spots.

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