Removes dead lip cells.

Have you noticed that when you apply your lipstick it cracks or has skin? This is because the lips also accumulate dead cells and being licked makes them dry out more, since the humidity causes an imbalance. The lip scrubs help the skin to be smoother, preventing dryness, preventing it from chalking and that when you apply the lipsticks it is a more uniform application.

1. Peppermint scrub with coconut oil, jojoba and vitamin E

This lip scrub will help you remove dirt and dead cells, but most importantly, it is non-abrasive. Contains natural ingredients for treat dryness and they work to hydrate, some of its ingredients are jojoba, coconut, rosemary, calendula, stevia and beeswax oil.

It is recommended to do once a week and apply product with a toothbrush that you do not use or your fingers start to rub in circles very lightly. Then apply a little lip balm to seal this hydration. You can apply it before using a long-lasting lipstick.

2. Night mask and scrub to renew and improve moisture on the lips

Licking our lips when they are dry only causes them to become more dry and more susceptible to cracking. This is a night mask and a lip scrub. The lip scrub is responsible for removing and restoring, while the hydrating mask helps control moisture on the lips, contains collagen peptides to be able to hydrate and keep them in good condition.

The night mask will help the lips at night regenerate thanks to their ingredients. Exfoliate once or twice a week. Remember to use an applicator to avoid contaminating the product.

3. Lip scrub that moisturizes, removes dead cells and provides moisturizers

If you have extreme dryness, it is time to give natural moisturizers to give it softness and They can remove dead cells while your lips recover. This natural scrub contains sugar, coconut oil, jojoba, avocado, sunflower, glycerin and vitamin E, which are responsible for moisturizing and restoring even the driest lips.

Apply this scrub for about 5 minutes and let it act, so that afterwards rinse gently. Avoid licking your lips, as this makes them dry and split easier.

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