Relieve pain and inflammation with lemon balm.

Lemon balm is a medicinal plant also known as lemon or melissa leaf that has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic properties and is a natural pain reliever. So if you are living in a lot of stress, anxiety may help alleviate your symptoms so you can relax and fall asleep faster. Lemon balm benefits range from improving inflammation, relieving colic, controlling nausea, and can prevent herpes. Lemon balm can be found in teas, pills, extracts and even in ointments to relieve pain and blows.

1. Melissa capsules: relieves inflammation, digestive problems and menstrual cramps

Whether by eating something very heavy, consuming a lot of dairy or you are in your menstrual period, your digestion is slower and you have severe inflammation and many gases. Lemon balm can alleviate these symptoms by helping you reduce inflammation and gas. Ideal to consume when you know ingredients are not very stomach friendly. Melissa can control nausea and vomiting, be it for travel, gastritis or the menstrual period.

These are lemon balm capsules that it has 90 capsules, that you can consume before eating or eating foods that you know cause inflammation.

2. Lemon balm tea: prevents you from retaining liquids and is a natural pain reliever

For the days when you notice your face, feet and hands swollen from the consumption of fats or salts, lemon balm tea can help you to avoid retaining liquids and feeling less inflamed. Lemon balm tea can also help you when you have the flu and cough to relieve throat irritation, control cough and It can even help you get the phlegm out.

You can drink lemon balm tea at any time, it is caffeine free. Being a natural pain reliever, it can help relieve headache. You can consume it hot or cold, depending on your need.

3. Lemon balm extract: relieves stress and helps prevent insomnia

The benefits of lemon balm is that it helps to relax the body and muscles, with this you can control stress levels. Also, it helps you to sleep much better, because prevents sleep disorders. You can consume lemon balm an hour before bed and try to put your worries aside so you can fall asleep faster.

This extract of lemon balm must be combined with some juice or natural water, a full dropper will be more than enough to your body can relax.

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