Relieves calluses on hands and feet.

Believe it or not, corns are more common than you think. The calluses come out by doing some friction more than moisture accumulates or sweat; This is necessary for calluses on the hands and feet to come out. They can also appear from lifting weights, playing the guitar, playing sports, or wearing a tight shoe. There are products to remove calluses on hands and feet that have a gel presentation and in a few hours you will feel relief.

1. Redi Spa: removes calluses in a short time is used in beauty salons

This gel to remove the calluses what it does is to be able to exfoliate the dead cells that are in the calluses to be able to remove them, disinfect and hydrate the area. It contains eucalyptus and lemon oil, so if you are going to use it in your hand, put sunscreen to avoid stains. Ideally, you should keep the area dry for a few days to prevent the appearance of another callus.

This callus gel, you must apply with gloves and only on the affected area. Do not leave it more than 5 minutesThey can feel burning and itching. On sensitive skin it can be very abrasive, apply moisturizing cream after application.

2. Maccibelle: removes dead cells and exfoliates

This callus remover gel, it is recommended that you first moisten your skin so that later you apply to the callus and leave it to act for about 5 minutes; you will see how the calo disintegrates by itself. This callus gel contains potassium hydroxide, so It helps to remove root and is more effective. By applying this callus gel it also helps exfoliate the skin, but it should only be applied to the area.

No need to exfoliate after use or use the pumice, just moisturize the area. Choose to keep your hands or feet dry, as they are the most susceptible areas for corns to reappear, wear sandals to breathe your feet.

3. Cacee: removes calluses from feet and hands in seconds to avoid discomfort due to its active ingredient

This remover gel helps you walk without discomfort or cut vegetables without pain. This callus gel should be placed in the clean area to allow a few seconds to act, it is recommended not to leave for more than 3 minutes. Then, with the help of a pumice stone, remove the callus, but gently. Alone apply little product and only on the callus, It can be very strong for some skins.

Ideally, to avoid the appearance of calluses, wear comfortable shoes, put talcum powder to prevent excess moisture. Corns are easy to remove, but you should apply product as soon as possible so it doesn’t become a problem or infection.

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