Always have combed eyebrows.

The eyebrow gels usually work, but in a matter of hours the eyebrows can already look disheveled or fallen, this is because the product is absorbed by sweat. There are other products that help the eyebrows look stopped and stay in place longer. Eyebrow waxes and soaps are the best products to help comb stubborn eyebrows.

To comb the eyebrows preferably, choose the spoolie brooch or clean the applicator of a mascara very well to be able to use it on your eyebrows.

1. Brow styling soap: sweat and water proof brow wax ideal for daily use

This eyebrow wax is totally transparent, so you can add color first and then fix it. It is fragrance, color and irritant free. To apply it you must wet the spoolie a little, it is best to use an atomizer and then comb as you like your eyebrows.

You need little product, because if you put others you will see the wax on the skin around the skin. To remove, use a biphasic makeup remover.

2. Eyebrow Styling Soap: Helps to show eyebrows with volume and thicker

Wearing plump and fuller eyebrows is synonymous with having them well combed up. The eyebrow waxes are the excellent product to make them shine much busier and without moving. Most eyebrow waxes are transparent in color, making them ideal for any skin color. Remember to lightly wet the spoolie or the brush to make the wax easier to handle.

You can make up your eyebrows before, or simply apply the eyebrow wax to look radiant and voluminous.

3. Dr Bronners: Castile eyebrow soap that leaves them combed for hours

In the world of cosmetics there are so many secrets that castile soap is one of them for combing eyebrows. It is a soap for the eyebrows, but it acts as a wax for the eyebrows. Castile soap makes a wax when combined with a spoolie and a little water, you will see how it leaves them combed without leaving them sticky or stiff.

It only works with castile soap, because with others it can leave a white residue or it can even leave them wet. An advantage of this eyebrow soap is that It will last many months, even up to a year.

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