Cleanses the skin and removes blackheads.

Black spots are the excess sebum that occurs in the nose, forehead, cheeks or chin and having a pore with a lot of sebum comes to the surface, it oxidizes and is when it becomes dark. Blackheads can be removed with a deep scrub, but it can also improve the appearance of pores on the skin, to give an appearance that they are closed.

There are ingredients that work better than others to treat blackheads, this is because it penetrates deeper than mechanical scrubs, but they need to be used sparingly.

1. Salicylic acid: Helps clean and eliminate blackheads, giving a better look to pores

Al salicylic acid or also known as BHA, is an acid that works to unclog pores, clean them and eliminate blackheads. It is an exfoliant that is recommended for oily, combination or normal skin. After cleaning your face, apply this scrub either on the palms of your hands or on a cotton pad and do not rinse. Theseit could penetrate your skin to be able to remove and clean the area with black dots.

By removing blackheadsYou will see how the appearance of open pores improves. You should know that even if the open pores are clean they will still show.

2. Glycolic Acid: penetrates several layers of the skin to remove impurities and improve collagen in the skin

This is a mask that will help to eliminate blackheads, take care of the skin from free radicals and help prevent wrinkles and expression lines, it can also eliminate blemishes. Glycolic acid is its main ingredient, it is an acid that helps penetrate the skin barrier in order to eliminate impurities, promote collagen and give more elasticity to the skin. This exfoliating skin mask has vitamin C and turmeric that help prevent infections and free radical damage.

You must apply it once a week, it is ideal only for combination, oily or normal skin. You must stop acting for 15 minutes and remove, it is normal that you feel a tickle, this is from glycolic acid. You will see how weeks later your pores are cleaner and without black spots.

3. Lactic acid: controls sebum to prevent the appearance of more black spots

For the most sensitive or delicate skin, lactic acid is an acid that penetrates as deep as other acids, but it is very soft and you don’t feel that tickle. Lactic acid is an exfoliant to remove stains, blackheads, controls sebum and hydrates. This is a serum scrub that should be left on the skin and not rinsed off. In the morning, clean very well with a facial cleanser and don’t forget to apply sunscreen.

This scrub has a concentration of 5% lactic acid, making it softer and also has hyaluronic acid to give it hydration. Use it once a week, Avoid over washing your face.

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