Vitamins and minerals that are responsible for strengthening the hair.

The hair can lose density, volume and with this weaken, and make hair fall more susceptible and not as healthy. It can be due to age, hormonal changes and even lack of nutrients.

There is vitamins and minerals that are essential for it to improve hair growth and prevent hair from weakening, beyond biotin and vitamin C there are others that are very important. Some can be vitamin B, C, E, amino acids, collagen and minerals like iron, potassium or magnesium that are important in both men and women. We give you 3 essential nutrients for hair that will help you strengthen and look healthier hair.

1. Zinc: improves growth and is responsible for repairing hair tissue

Zinc is a mineral that the body does not produce and that we obtain through food or supplements. Zinc for hair loss works as a hair tissue repair, with this prevents the hair from thinning and this causes the fall, It helps promote growth and is even used to treat alopecia problems. In addition, zinc can improve the increase of collagen and elastin in the body, this benefits in improving the structure of damaged and fragile hair.

Some foods that you can find zinc are wheat, spinach, meat, lentils, and some whole foods. This nutrient for the hair is essential, remember not to abuse your consumption.

2. Vitamin A: Helps hair cells grow, creates new follicles, and keeps scalp hydrated

The hair needs those natural oils and sebum in order to grow healthy, with age you can notice a dry, irritated scalp and even without sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that is responsible for hydrating the scalp and for hair to grow healthy, and it also acts as a lubricant for hair follicles. Vitamin A is a nutrient that maintains scalp health, hydrates and It is necessary to grow the cells of the hair and of the whole organism.

Vitamin A can be found in pumpkins, mango, spinach, eggs, carrots, cod liver oil. This vitamin A supplement contains vitamin D which can help create new hair follicles.

3. Iron: strengthens hair follicles and helps prevent hair loss

Having low iron levels may be one of the reasons your hair falls out. Iron works as a transport of oxygen to the cells of our body and this is also in the hair, with this it helps the hair to grow better and not weaken. The iron can strengthen hair follicles, so that the hair that grows is stronger. This nutrient may be more deficient in women, due to hormonal changes that anemia can cause.

In some people the consumption of iron can be a little strong for the stomach, ideally you consume it little by little and always on a full stomachIt can be after breakfast or lunch.

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