There are three easy ways that users can use to take screenshots on almost all Vivo devices, including one of them on Vivo Y95 device.

Similar to most Vivo devices, the Vivo Y95 is a device that runs on a system called the FunTouch OS. This system is an operating system made by Vivo which was built based on the Android system.

But unlike the pure Android system, the FunTouch OS system offers a variety of additional features, such as gestures that can be adjusted, the control center at the bottom, security center support, and screenshots.

Especially for the screenshot feature, the FunTouch system offers support that is very easy to use, which is available in several ways. Features in this system even support the long screenshot or long screenshot. Let’s see in detail.

3 Easy and Fast Ways to Screenshot on a Vivo Y95 Device

#1. How To Screenshot Vivo Y95 With Physical Buttons

The first way you can take screenshots quickly on your Vivo Y95 is to use the Power button and the Volume Down button simultaneously. For this case, use only needs to open the page to be enshrined and press the combination button above.

#2. How to Screenshot Vivo Y95 with Gesture

In addition to using the method above, users can also use a three-finger swipe up gesture to take screenshots on the Vivo Y95. This feature usually has a basic life.

To ensure this feature is on, users can enter the Settings menu, then go to the Take a quick screenshot section. From the “Take a quick screenshot” page, make sure the Three fingers swipe screenshot button is on.

#3.How to screenshot Vivo Y95 with S-Capture

Another way to take screenshots on the Vivo Y95 is to use the S-Capture feature, which is one of the features of FunTouch OS. This feature can be found in the control center by rubbing the screen from the bottom of the page to the top.

Bonus Tip:

How to Take a Long Screenshot

The long screenshot feature on the Vivo Y95 can be done the same way when taking regular screenshots. It’s just that when the screenshot has appeared in the top right corner of the page, the user can choose the Long Screenshot option.

Specifically, for the S-Capture feature, users can directly select the long screenshot option after selecting the button. Furthermore, for all methods, the user can press the Next button to continue taking long screenshots and the Save button to save it.

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