Hydrate and protect your hair with these coconut masks.

After so many chemical processes, discolorations or heat products, the hair can have a very dry, brittle and dull texture. Coconut oil contains fatty acids, is an antimicrobial, protects from sunlight, hydrates and helps your hair to improve and be healthier. One way to incorporate it into your hair is with a mask with coconut oil.

1. Oliology: with keratin that gives hydration to seal split ends on colored hair

This coconut oil mask also contains keratin that work together to give more elasticity, nourishes it from the roots to the ends to hydrate and prevent it from drying out even more. It will help to gradually seal the split ends and return to have natural shine to your hair. Ideal for discolored hair or if you are going to dye your hair it is perfect for you to apply it a few weeks before.

To do a deeper treatment you must leave about 15 minutes and then rinse very well. Apply this coconut oil mask twice a week.

2. Calily Life: with natural moisturizers that take care of UV rays and prevent infections on the scalp

One of the advantages of coconut oil is that it can prevent infections and with this avoid the appearance of fungi like seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff. This hair mask contains coconut oil, almond oil and vitamin E. This coconut oil mask can take care of UV rays, these are also present while at work or at home, as they pass through windows and this can damage the hair.

Coconut oil can also protect from color and sea salt. Any type of hair can be used, it will give it softness and it will be more manageable.

3. DRMTLGY: prevents frizz, dryness and breakage, also gives hair movement

If you have very dry ends and manageable zero hair, it is time to give moisturizers and fatty acids so that your hair can retain moisture and prevent drying even more. This coconut oil mask contains shea butter ingredients that serve to give it hydration. By helping to retain moisture in your hair, you will have less frizz and more movement regardless of your hair type.

Do not apply to the scalp if you have oily scalp and dry ends; This could obstruct the hair follicles. Just apply this coconut oil mask from medium to ends for about 15 minutes and rinse.

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