Resetting to factory conditions is one of the ways that iPhone users can take before selling or giving devices to others so that their data remains safe.

Not only that, users can also refresh the device from a variety of content and applications that are installed using this method. So later the system that runs on the device will feel like new again.

Apple as the developer also has provided two methods that can be used by users in this regard. Both of them offer easy steps so you don’t need to be confused about this.

How To Reset iPhone Directly From Settings

If you don’t have a computer, then you can use this method. You can reset the device directly from your iPhone device without needing additional help.

You can do this by visiting the page Settings > General > Reset. Then select the type of reset you want, then enter your password and key if prompted.

For the type of reset provided, you can choose:

  • Erase All Content and Settings if you want to delete everything
  • Reset All Settings if only to clear the settings
  • Reset Network Settings if only to clear network settings
  • Reset Keyboard Dictionary if only to clear the data of words in the dictionary for the keyboard
  • Reset Home Screen Layout if you only want to return to the initial display
  • Reset Location & Privacy if you only want to restore your location and privacy service settings.

Reset Via Computer

The second method, you can do it using computer assistance. This method has the advantage that the device will be restored using the latest system version of the software used.

But before doing so, be sure to use a computer with the latest Windows or MacOS systems. In addition, you also need to download the latest iTunes application if you are using a Windows computer or MacOS version older than Mojave 10.14.

Next, you also need to deactivate Find My iPhone in the device. You can do this by visiting the Settings Page > [UserName] > iCloud and tapping on the menu Find My iPhone. Don’t forget to enter your password if asked.

When everything is ready, you can then open the iTunes application (for Windows and MacOS versions older than Mojave) or Finder for MacOS versions newer than Catalina 10.15.

How To Reset iPhone To Reset Via iTunes

After opening, connect the device to the computer using the cable then enter the password if prompted and follow the steps given. Furthermore, Select iPhone device what is meant by the application.

From the page that appears, select the button [Device Name] Restore then confirm by pressing the Restore button again. To succeed, you need a good internet network when using this method.