Learn How to Overcome a Hang and Slow Laptop. Overcoming a laptop that hangs during the boot process. Overcoming a Hang Laptop with the Task Manager.

If the laptop is too old and hangs, then you need to further investigate the cause. Hang is a condition where the laptop stops processing commands, or is not responding, sometimes with a still black screen.

Here are ways you can do if you have problems with your laptop hanging from Techhow.org:

How to Overcome a Hang Laptop with BIOS Mode

Enter BIOS Mode if the laptop hangs during the boot process. The first step is to restart your laptop, press and hold the F2 key until the BIOS entry window appears.

Each laptop brand is different to enter the BIOS menu, there are also presses other than the F2 button. After entering the BIOS, select Advanced BIOS Features, look for Bios Cache, then select disable. Save by pressing F10, then enter.

fix the laptop hangs with setting bios mode

If the laptop hangs when it is just turned on, then the problem may be a problematic windows program. The windows program could be due to a missing file system, corrupt or infected with a virus. The steps taken are a registry scan with CCleaner and a virus scan with Antivirus.

If the laptop experiences Not Responding when running a program, then the way to do it is to open the task manager. The explanation of the task manager will be explained in the next discussion.

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How to Overcome a Slow Laptop with the Task Manager

The last effective way to deal with a slow laptop is through the task manager. Task Manager is usually opened to kill programs or applications running in the background.

You can open the Task Manager with the shortcut keys Crtl + Shift + Esc. Click More Details to view the complete Task Manager. Meanwhile, to turn off programs or applications that are running in the background, select Startup.

fix the laptop hangs with the task manager

You will see various programs or applications running in the background. Select the application or program that you think ‘disrupts’ laptop performance, right click and select “disable”.

No need to worry because it doesn’t turn off the application and then can’t be used anymore, but this program only stops every time you turn on the laptop again.

Those are 2 ways to deal with laptop hangs using BIOS mode and also the Task Manager. Please send your comments if there are problems.

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