As technology company from China, OPPO has made it into the top 5 smartphone brands with high market share and sales.

Not only is the promotion of its products intense and massive, OPPO is also trying to bring innovation on its smartphones to lure the people.

Moreover, the OPPO smartphone is also fairly easy to operate for even a novice user thanks to the ColorOS it uses. One of them when you turn off the OPPO cell phone, you can do it in a number of very easy ways to do.

But for those of you who don’t know how to turn off OPPO Mobile, you can follow the tutorial as follows.

How to turn off the OPPO Mobile with the Power Button

  1. First press the physical button Power for 3 seconds
  2. Then a pop-up button will appear Power off and Restart will appear
  3. Slide the button down to go Power off
  4. Then, OPPO Mobile will automatically turn off

You could say this method is very easy to do and almost available on several other Android smartphones. Make sure the Power button is pressed for 3 seconds because if not then you just turn off the screen.

If you move the button upwards, you can use the menu Restart which makes the OPPO Mobile automatically turn off first and turn on later.

Forced OPPO Mobile Death When Hang

Besides using Power Off on the screen, you can also press the physical button Power for 10 seconds to force the OPPO MobileĀ  to shut down. Usually this method is also most often used when suddenly the OPPO smartphone screen display is hanging or an error.

When it hangs, of course you won’t be able to navigate the smartphone at all whether it’s touching the screen or something. Therefore this method is a powerful way to overcome and restore the smartphone as before.

So what if the physical Power button on your OPPO Mobile has started to be damaged? For that you can try the application to turn off devices that can be installed from the Google Play Store. However, on average this application requests root access so it is much more difficult to use.